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Our local Amsterdam clothes shop

With our local and online Amsterdam clothes shop, we spread our love for our favourite city. We are in love with and proud of Amsterdam. Whether you are an Amsterdammer or just visiting, you are one of us. We love Amsterdam and want to show it by creating and wearing unique hoodies and T-shirts from our local clothes shop. Love is our motivation for building a fashion brand that shows exactly that.

The founding of our local and online Amsterdam clothes shop

Founder Denise Kos and her team opened the local clothes shop Amsterdam Originals back in 2013 on the Leidsestraat, at house number 87 to be precise. Her mission was and still is to find a connection between Amsterdam lovers through street wear. How? By connecting and by building bridges.

Amsterdam has more canals than Venice and more bridges than Paris. With 1680 bridges, we can safely call Amsterdam a bridge city. This bridgeology is the core concept of our brand. So we proudly name each hoodie , T-shirt and longsleeve of our collection after the Amsterdam bridges.

The designs

A bridge is ultimately about connecting. With its clothing, Amsterdam Originals wants to connect with everyone who loves Amsterdam. Building bridges started with our head designer Naigel Vermeulen, a graduate from the Rietveld Academy.

Each year two artists from Amsterdam are also invited to design a limited collection for our local and online clothes shop. This way, Amsterdam Originals can pass on the artist’s feelings of the city through their designs. All products are original, made of high-quality materials and above all: made with love. You can shop all of our Amsterdam T-shirts online .

Contact us if you have any questions

Are you interested in our Amsterdam merchandise ? You are very welcome to visit our local Amsterdam clothes shop or browse our products online. We will gladly help you find the perfect item for you.

If you are not in Amsterdam, you can also place an order online. We offer

worldwide shipping

. Do you have any questions about our brand or about a specific product? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to help you.

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